E-Learning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. I've used my skills as both a programmer and designer to create some engaging interactive online courseware. Click below to learn more.

Advertising/Web Marketing

In addition to obvious web marketing projects like websites, I've also worked extensively on developing web banner advertisements. The non-disclosure form I signed prevents me from showing any of the actual work I've done in pharmaceutical advertising, which is a shame because that's what I've mostly worked on for the past few years. Click below to view an generic example of a rich media advertisement I built.

Freelance Web Work

Other programming and design jobs, outside of my regular work projects.

Character Animation

Websites and banner ads are fun and all, but some projects call for something extra. Click here to view a short animation of two characters working together. The client's name and product are omitted.

HTML Emails

HTML emails exist in their own dimension. You can't use CSS because not all email clients support CSS (looking at you, Outlook 2007). HTML emails exist as tables within tables, and all styles are inline.